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Patric Bradley’s Boot Camp is a two day hands-on breathtaking event that is designed to build confidence, motivation and creativity in the art of hair cutting, coloring, styling and much more!  There will be demonstrations, workout sessions, presentations and more.  Having access to Patric’s cutting edge training on surviving this industry will take you from average to international.

  Price: TBD

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Patric Bradley Bootcamp

Camp Qualifications

  • Must be at least one (1) year out of beauty school.
  • Willing to travel.
  • Endure physical fitness at any given time in constrained environment.
  • Follow directions.
  • Extensive knowledge of Patric’s DVD collections.
  • Able to receive constructive criticism.
  • Time flexibility is a must.


Camouflage apparel top-to-bottom and workout apparel.  (No heels!  No exceptions), Regular Civilian Apparel.  Camouflage must be worn during sessions at all times.

Camp Tools

All cutting tools, Red and Turquoise Rollers, P Rings, Orange and Grey Flexi Rods, End paper, Roller Clips, Head Wraps or Neck Strips, Comps, Blow Dryers, Paddle Brush, Small & Medium Ceramic Flat Irons, 2 Applicator Brushes, 2 Colour Bowls, Foils, Gloves, Hair Clips, 4 Towels, Styling Cape, Shampoo Cape and any other tools you may need to survive this intense training.

You are a hairstylist.  Think like a hair stylist.

Boot Camp Location –  Expertise Cosmetology Institute

1911 Stella Lake Street |  Las Vegas, NV  89106

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