About Expertise

Cosmetology testimonial from Gwen

The Expertise Team:
Conviction, Passion and Vision.

Expertise Cosmetology Institute is Las Vegas’ first African-American owned and operated school of Cosmetology. 

We are  much more than a school.  We are a family.  The Expertise team is committed to providing students with everything necessary to become successful and self sufficient.

Cosmetology testimonial from Gwen

  • Ms. Gwen Braimoh – School Director
  • Roxann McCoy – Chairman of the Board
  • Ms. Ora Mason – Success Coordinator
  • John Davis – Director of Instructions
  • Ms. Tracey Copeland – Financial Aid Coordinator
  • Linda Wright – Consultant

Stella Lake Campus

  • Bridgette Robinson – Registrar
  • Inge Dietz – Admissions

North Las Vegas Campus

  • Ms. Gail Moore – Lead Educator
  • Jessica Parra – Registrar

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